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Skate Parks Not Parkways

Colin’s Dream Park, otherwise known as CDP, was begun back in March of 2013, after the tragic demise of Colin Anderson on February 9th of that same year. He had been skateboarding with friends in Orange City, Florida. Due to the lack of a local skate park, he and his friends were left to skate our city streets in search of skate-able obstacles. This search unfortunately led him to cross the very busy 17-92, where he was struck and killed by a passing truck. His family immediately placed their efforts into the goal of establishing a local skate park after his passing, in order to ensure this tragedy would not befall another local family.

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of those at the Community Foundation of East Central Florida, Colin’s Dream Park was granted a much needed stepping stone in getting their fundraising off the ground. With the umbrella of CFECF’s 501-3c status, they were able to hold fundraisers and events that provided their donors with the peace of mind of knowing that CDP was a genuine group worth donating to. It also provided them with the added benefit of being able to provide tax deductions to their donors. When this partnership was begun in 2013, CDP had only held a handful of fundraisers and had raised less than $10,000.

Now in their 4th year of fundraising they have raised over $70,000 and have gained a working relationship with the City of Orange City. It is the hope of everyone involved that by the end of 2017, the City of Orange City will be able to grant an additional $30,000 towards this project and also write an ECHO grant which will match the money CDP has raised, including the additional $30,000 from the city. This amounts to the $200,000 needed to build the skate-park in Orange City’s recreational center, located near the corner of 17-92 and Blue Springs Ave. Once the initial goals having been successfully met, the group continues to fund-raise, as there can always be more to achieve. Whatever is raised by the end of 2017, can essentially be matched by the ECHO grant, therefore this group continues to work tirelessly towards achieving all they possibly can.

Anyone can donate to help this group build Colin’s Dream Park. All donations will go to build the park and help to maintain the park and recreational activities for the children in Orange City and west Volusia.

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