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A “Food Connection” for those fighting hunger in Volusia and Flagler Counties

The “Feed Our Neighbors Collaboration” began as an initiative of the Community Foundation of East Central Florida in June 2012. We began by bringing together some of the bigger food ministries/agencies that work on the front lines of fighting hunger in our community. The group decided to work together to raise food, and money to bring resources to those helping provide food to others in need.

The following Feed Our Neighbor – Hunger Partnership goals were set:

  1. Develop a current listing of all the food ministries in each county and map locations, which will allow us identify gaps of service and to make proper referrals
  2. Conduct a survey of all food outlets to assess what is now happening and identify needs of the smaller food outlets.
  3. Provide smaller ministries with more resources
  4. Provide a food package with a consistent quality and quantity of food
  5. Reduce the number of food insecure families in our community
  6. Raise money to fund hunger programs
  7. Research & find ways to add fresh fruits and vegetables to food packets
  8. Develop committees to work on issues raised at our food summits
  9. Eliminate Hunger in Our Community

A week of giving Sept 9-15, 2012 raised food and money for hunger:

  • Over 2,256 lbs. of food was collected in Volusia county and over 800 lbs. of food in Flagler county
  • We collected $10,274 in donations
  • Grants given out from this collection total $6,606.75 and $2,500 was placed into an endowment fund for Hunger that allows future donations to accumulate and give out future grants. The following organizations received grants in December 2012.
    1. Halifax Urban Ministries – $1,000
    2. Food Brings Hope — $500
    3. DeLeon Springs United Methodist Church – DeLeon Springs — $553.44
    4. Christ Community Church – New Smyrna Beach — $500
    5. Catholic Charities of Central Florida – Daytona –$700
    6. Project Share –Pierson, Flagler Beach Rotary — $1,000
    7. St. Vincent DePaul at Our Lady Lourdes – Daytona — $700
    8. Students Reach Out – DeBary — $1,000
    9. Samaritan Ministries – Flagler — $653.31

The coalition held a Food Summit August 4, 2012 to bring awareness about the issue of hunger and to connect those who care about this issue together. Over 100 people attended the summit and expressed interest in participating in this initiative.

We will create a way to communicate with everyone doing this work in early 2013. With a newsletter or e-blast we will share information. The newsletter will be called the “Food Connection”.

We hope the Food Connection will become the key focal point of information and collaboration that will bring all these agencies and ministries together. This will bring the food distribution system more efficiency, better food for clients and a system that will eliminate duplication and be able to provide other services to help client with self – sufficiency.


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Eliminate Hunger Today

Donate to Feed Those in Need in Our Community
Feed Our Neighbors began as a outcry in our community in 2012 from all the agencies providing food for those hungry in our community. We brought together key agencies in the community and formed this initiative with the hope of building a way for the issue of hunger to be addressed long-term.

Since this initiative started in 2012, we have established a “Feed Our Neighbors Fund” that anyone in our area can donate any amount of money, to help us build this endowed fund. Just like all of our other Community Funds, this fund will grant out half of the money donated each year to local agencies dealing with hunger, and the other half goes into the endowed fund that will build and give back to assist hunger in our community forever.

This unique approach creates a Savings Account for Hunger and you will know that you are leaving a lasting legacy to eliminate hunger into the future.

So, will you give to make a lasting impact on hunger today? Click the button below to Donate NOW!

Anyone can donate any amount of money to an existing fund on our website or send a check to:
P.O. Box 523
DeLand, FL 32721-0523
or by calling: 386-734-4075