Corporate Giving

Corporate Social Responsibility. Giving Back To Our Community.

The Community Foundation of East Central Florida works with corporations of all sizes to create charitable solutions.

Whether it is streamlining an annual charitable giving process or helping employees struck by disaster, we apply our extensive experience facilitating a broad range of charitable goals to create the corporate philanthropy program that works for you.

What We Offer Corporations

We’ll tailor a solution that works for you, whether you are supporting local charities, offering scholarships or responding to disaster in your community or beyond. Three tools we offer corporation can help bring meaning, clarity and efficiency into corporate giving. Corporate social responsibility has become an expensive, but important proposition. It takes time to hear and review requests and evaluate the organizations. We can simplify the process and reduce costs.

Corporate Charitable Fund Program
Using The Community Foundation’s Corporate Charitable Fund program can cut costs and increase the scope and efficiency of corporate giving. Instead of highly-compensated, busy corporate officers fielding and evaluating requests, you can “outsource” the administrative aspects to the Community Foundation.

Corporate Care Funds
Corporations often want to support their employees during times of crisis, but aid provided to an individual is not tax deductible. Now, through a comprehensive program, The Community Foundation can help you help employees facing tragedy. Here’s how it works: The Corporation sets up the Corporate Care Fund within The Community Foundation. The corporation and/or its employees continue to make tax deductible gifts to the Fund over time. When individual employees face serious financial hardship due to natural disaster, life threatening or serious injury, catastrophic circumstance, or death of an employee or an eligible dependent, they can apply for assistance from the fund to help pay for essential living expenses including medical, housing, utilities and other basic expenses. The Community Foundation processes all applications, insulating the corporation from the decision process of helping employees in time of crisis.

Giving Card Program
With the Giving Card, corporations can recognize a dedicated employee or a valued client with a gift that demonstrates regard for each individual’s interests. Like any retail gift card, they are purchased and given as gifts, and recipients redeem the card at the Community Foundation’s website to benefit most qualified 501(c) (3) public charities nationwide. Giving Cards can also be customized with your company’s logo. Because each Giving Card purchase is a donation to The Community Foundation, you are entitled to a charitable tax deduction for the full purchase price of the cards.

For inquiries or to get started discussing your company’s needs and ideas, call The Community Foundation at 386-734-4075.