Create A Fund


We Facilitate Your Giving, become a philanthropist and impact your community long-term

Why Create A Fund

As individuals we have checking accounts, savings accounts and retirement accounts, but what about accounts for our charitable giving? The Community Foundation can help you simplify and maximize your giving through a charitable giving account, also known as a donor-advised. Creating a fund to facilitate your giving today or to leave your legacy is a way for you to become a philanthropist impacting your community today and forever.

You may have many interests and like to give to a variety of causes or organizations, locally, nationally, internationally. Best thing is you get to decide how you want to invest your giving, we provide you the tools.

Working with the Community Foundation brings many benefits…

  1. We have a deep knowledge of community issues and the organizations addressing them.
  2. We connect your passion to causes and organizations that you care about in the community.
  3. We help you invest personally by teaching family philanthropy, honoring a loved one’s memory, or changing the lives of students.
  4. We provide financial benefits and expert giving advice, creating smarter giving and greater impact.
  5. We make giving easy by handling all of the administrative details, compliance and due diligence.
  6. We provide highly personalized service tailored to your charitable and financial interests and goals.
  7. We build endowment funds that benefit the community in the future, creating personal legacies.

Creating a fund is probably easier than you think.