Endowed Giving

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Endowed Funds Are Permanent. Give a gift that will keep on giving.

Have You Ever Dreamed You Could Give a Gift That would Keep On Giving

Through the power of endowment, your gift can grow over time while making grants to accomplish good things now, and for years to come. Endowed funds are permanent, creating a pool of charitable dollars that can always address the causes you care about or support nonprofits of your choice. See the good your gift can accomplish.

The Power of Endowment

One of your first decisions when creating a fund at the Community Foundation of East Central Florida is whether you will make it last forever. It’s up to you.

Your Charitable Plan Made Permanent

An endowment is a permanent fund, and with it comes several advantages. An endowment will:

  • Provide dependable, perpetual income to your chosen cause or nonprofit – be it the arts, your house of worship, your alma mater or whatever cause you love
  • Carry on your family’s name – and legacy – forever
  • Allow successive generations to continue family giving traditions

Endowments offer magnificent benefits to your favorite nonprofits: Depending on their size, an endowment could mean the difference between vitality and bankruptcy, or creativity and complacency.

Endowment Calculator