Types of Funds


Choose the Giving Option that’s Right For You

Types of Funds

We offer several types of funds that allow you to experience the joy of giving. Teach family philanthropy, address your community’s greatest needs, support something you are passionate about, provide scholarships for students, honor a loved one’s memory, or help create sustainability for the nonprofit organization or cause you care about most.

Giving Options. Choose the one that’s right for you.

Donor Advised Funds – A personal approach to giving
To establish a Donor Advised Fund, you make a gift to The Community Foundation, but remain actively involved in suggesting uses for your gift. You can work with the Foundation’s professional staff to suggest ongoing uses for the fund – targeting the issues and organizations you care about most. Grants are made to charities in your fund’s name (or anonymously if you prefer).
Minimum gift: $10,000 non-endowed and $25,000 endowed

Discretionary Funds – Meeting ever-changing community needs
When you establish a Discretionary Fund, you make a gift to the Foundation with no restrictions on how the gift may be used. The Foundation program staff may use your gift to address a broad range of local needs – including future needs that often cannot be anticipated at the time your gift is made. The flexibility of an unrestricted gift enables the Foundation to best serve the community’s interests, filling gaps left by other funding resources and addressing unexpected concerns.
Minimum gift: $5,000

Community Funds – often called Field of Interest Funds – Connecting your personal values to areas of special interest
A Community Fund/Field of Interest Fund allows you to target your gift to address needs in an important area of community life. Whether it is the arts, aging, at-risk youth, education, the environment – whatever your interest – you identify the area but give the Foundation staff and Board discretion to select specific grant recipients. Thus your gift is targeted to areas that interest you but flexible enough to meet changing community needs.
Minimum gift: $5,000

Designated Funds – Helping local organizations sustain and grow
Establishing a Designated Fund allows you to support the good work of a specific nonprofit organization – a senior center, museum or virtually any nonprofit charitable organization. Through The Community Foundation, your gift provides the designated organization not only funding, but planned giving, investment management and the power of endowment.
Minimum gift: $5,000

Organizational Endowments – Building for the future
A nonprofit organization can establish an Agency Endowment at the Community Foundation. It’s a simple and efficient way to build an endowment – and helps create sustainability – for the organization. The Foundation’s staff also can help the organization develop planned giving programs and assist with investment management.
Minimum gift: $5,000

Community Investment Fund is an unrestricted Endowment Fund – Addressing current and future critical community issues
To provide funds in support of the Community Foundation’s mission. A minimum of 25% of the annual distribution will support the Foundation’s annual grantmaking cycle for nonprofit organization’s providing programs or services in our service area. The balance of the annual distribution can be used to support other initiatives or projects of the Foundation, as determined by the Board of Directors.
Minimum gift: No minimum you can give any amount to help build this fund

Scholarship Funds
Allow you to develop the criteria and honor a loved one or a specific population of students, while giving back to your community.
Minimum gift: $100,000.

Legacy Society
The Legacy Society of the Community Foundation of East Central Florida was established in 2013 to honor donors who utilize the services of the Community Foundation to administer a portion or their entire estate for their philanthropic legacy plans. Too often, these gifts go unrecognized because they come at the end of the donors’ lives. The Legacy Society will provide a way to recognize and thank donors during their lifetimes and to design plans for funds that result from such gifts.

Suggested Terminology for Bequest Language
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