Financial Advisor Program

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The Financial Advisor Program

Mixing business and philanthropy is a wise investment
One way you can help your clients achieve their charitable goals is to encourage them to open a fund at the Community Foundation of East Central Florida. Clients can choose to continue to benefit from your customized investment management through our Financial Advisor Program.

Benefits of the Financial Advisor Program
The Financial Advisor Program is a win-win for everyone involved, creating a significant and positive impact for your clients’ charitable causes. You can:

  • Retain your clients’ charitable assets at your financial institution
  • Continue to manage your clients’ assets with an agreed-upon fee schedule
  • Convert non-managed client assets – such as real estate, closely-held interests, businesses, personal property and art – into charitable assets that you will manage
  • Offer your clients a value-added service by connecting them to the Community Foundation, which has deep knowledge of community needs and nonprofit capacity

Identifying Clients Who Will Benefit
You may wish to discuss this program with clients who:

  • Plan to sell a private company
  • Have high capital gains tax exposure
  • Are in a “transition” phase of life –empty nest, retirement, involved in estate planning
  • Want to grow their charitable contributions tax-free over time
  • Want a charitable deduction now with the flexibility to make grants in the future
  • Have a desire to give back to their community
  • Want to leave a legacy for future generations
  • Enjoy meeting like-minded donors at philanthropic education sessions offered by our Community Foundation
  • Have a family foundation and utilize a donor advised fund for their mandatory annual 5% distribution

The Financial Advisor Program requires financial advisors to adhere to the Community Foundation’s Investment Policy Statement, and professional and industry standards in managing charitable donor funds.

Professional Advisor Toolkit
CFECF has put together a toolkit with helpful information for you to review. Click the button below to download the PDF:

Advisor Toolkit PDF