Talking With Clients About Giving

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Many advisors face a delicate dilemma. They want to discuss charitable giving with their clients, but they need to avoid appearing to encourage their clients to select any specific charity.

The Community Foundation Investments

A volunteer group of qualified financial professionals makes up the Investment & Finance Committee. This group is responsible for oversight of The Foundation’s investments and investment managers, and the Committee reports to the Board of Directors on investment matters, including the acquisition, disposition, administration, and management of investments and the performance of investment managers.

The Community Foundation is a single, convenient vehicle. You can talk to your clients about giving through the Community Foundation because we are a means to their charitable ends… a philanthropic partner for meeting a variety of charitable interests.

  • We work through you. You stay in control of your client relationships; we’re here to help.
  • We partner with you. We provide support, information, and expertise on charitable giving.
  • We help you build stronger relationships. Your clients will appreciate the charitable impact and tax advantages you help them achieve.
  • We help you connect across generations. When you help families establish an advised fund with us, you stay involved for generations.

Flexibility for Your Clients

The flexibility of the Community Foundation can mean a lot to your client. Whatever the charitable wish—to house the homeless, support education or the arts, clean up a neighborhood park, or participate in a broad revitalization initiative—we can be of real service. Your client can choose one or a combination of our basic types of funds to create a customized plan for fulfilling a philanthropic dream, all the while helping the donor achieve maximum tax benefits.

The Community Foundation of East Central Florida can help you as a professional advisor by providing:

  • Personalized illustrations to present to your clients, for vehicles from gift annuities to charitable lead trusts.
  • Confidential gift planning (may be anonymous, if desired).
  • Review of fund documents to be sure how to best meet your clients’ wishes.

We will assure that if a change of circumstances makes compliance with the terms of the gift instrument “unnecessary, undesirable, impractical or impossible,” we will be able to carry on your client’s charitable wishes in perpetuity.