Grantmaking is one of the key functions of a community foundation. We use our funds to make grants in our service area to improve the quality of life and build sustainability for our nonprofits community.

In all of its grantmaking, The Community Foundation of East Central Florida seeks to adhere to the following grantmaking principles:

  • Recognize and build on strengths and assets rather than needs and deficiencies
  • Improve the ability of organizations and individuals to help themselves over the long term
  • Foster cooperative approaches to community issues based on shared visions and mutual responsibility
  • Include people you propose to serve in the process of planning, implementation and evaluation
  • Recognize and strengthen local leadership
  • Anticipate and take a preventive approach to emerging community issues
  • Serve as a catalyst for attracting other funding resources
  • Create innovative approaches to dealing with long-standing issues
  • Build a stronger sense of community

Each year the Community Foundation of East Central Florida is honored to help donors wishes come true. We hold a collection of philanthropic funds which are used in a variety of ways to provide support for organizations doing good work and students who show promise.

The Foundation distributes grants through a number of funds, as well as from the donor-advised funds that are part of the Community Foundation.

We are grateful to the donors who make it possible for us to distribute grants and scholarships each year, and who are helping us build a group of endowments that will enable the Community Foundation to continue to fund a better community for generations to come.

Thank you for visiting our website on your quest for funding

Our donors make recommendations from time to time for grants to the causes and agencies they wish to support. These funds do not have open grant applications usually.

The community foundation has a group of area of interest funds called” Community Funds” and funds created to support other causes that make our community a better place to live. From time to time we send out a Request for Proposal (RFP).

Current Open Grant Application(s) are listed below:


2016 Grants

Making grants in the community is one of the things we do that is fun! We see the impact of our efforts through the success of some great organizations that are providing services to make our community better.

In 2016 we had open grant applications for the Southwest Volusia Community Fund and the Simon J. Peabody Fund.


Southwest Volusia Community Fund Grants for 2016
The Community Foundation of East Central Florida’s Board approved funding three grants from the Southwest Volusia Community Fund in 2016. This fund was created by people in Southwest Volusia to provide a permanent funding stream for local nonprofits. Local people living in this area of the county and anywhere donate any amount of money each year into the fun at the community foundation. Those donations are divided into two pools, a savings pool which get 50% and it is invested as endowed funds to forever give back part of the earnings in grants, and the grant pool 50% is making grants each year. This year we were able to add just a small amount of earnings to the grant pool and are making 3 grants of $202.67.

This is the third year we have made grant from the fund. We are looking at the long-term, sometimes the funds begin small and as people realize that their donation to this type of fund can have a positive impact on our community each year they like to make a donation each year. We are hoping for some larger donations in the next few years to build the fund to $100,000 in the endowed savings pool which would allow us to make $4,000 – $5,000 in grants each year.

The grant awards were made at the Deltona City Commission meeting. We like to make sure the community is aware of the grants and the great nonprofits they are funding. It also allows us to keep the fund in the minds of people like our elected officials and everyone else in the community.

The three nonprofits funded this year for are: Friendship Elementary – to be able to help children at school who need food and clothes, Community Life Center Outreach Services to help families in need of food and electric, Emmaus Lutheran Church for their food pantry and bus passes to help clients get to job interviews etc.

Diana Dean, Friendship Elementary, Louise Clark, Community Outreach Service, Sallie Chapman, Emmaus Lutheran Church, Nita Schmellick, Pres/CEO Community Foundation of East Central Florida

Representatives of each agency accepted the checks at Deltona City Commission Meeting. Ms. Schmellick told the City Commissioners that she is encouraging them and everyone in the community to consider giving a donation to the Southwest Volusia Community Fund before the end of year so we can have even bigger grants next year.


Simon J. Peabody Indigent Care Fund Grants for 2016
The Community Foundation of East Central Florida awarded three grants from the Simon J. Peabody Indigent Care Fund this year. We had $4,000 to grant and made $1,333.33 grants to three agencies;

Grants went to:
Friendship Elementary School to help their kids in need of food or clothes, Florida United Methodist Children’s Home to fund Life Skills Classes for youth aging out of Foster Care, and The Early Learning Coalition of Flagler & Volusia to support their Diaper Bank for their families in need.

The Early Learning Coalition of Volusia Flagler receives grant in 2016 for their Diaper Bank for the Simon J. Peabody Indigent Care Fund